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About us

In 2008, Kayla and Jimmy Warner recognized an opportunity to bring world-class health and wellness services to their hometown and the surrounding communities. Armed with 15 years of experience in healthcare, they began offering onsite vaccinations and vitamin injections to local businesses, schools and churches to help their neighbors live healthier, happier lives.


In 2015 they expanded Hotshots and opened a wellness clinic in historic downtown Sapulpa to offer a growing list of additional services to the community they love, including hormone therapy, medically supervised weight-loss programs, anti-aging peptides and more. 


Co-Owner and Clinic Provider

Kayla has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare and works as a local ER/Urgent Care/Hospitalist provider. At Hotshots Clinic, she is dedicated to helping people feel and look their best through hormone replacement therapy, customized weight-loss programs, infusions and injections.

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Come see us in Sapulpa!

JIMMY WARNER, EMT-B, Hotshots Healthcare


Co-Owner and Service Staff Member

For more than 15 years, Jimmy has worked as a local and national firefighter — a dedicated first responder providing efficient and immediate care to local communities.


You won’t see him much during bow-hunting season, unless he’s your hired guide through the Oklahoma woods.

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